The Story of the Butterfly Children

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From beloved German author Sibylle von Olfers, The Story Of The Butterfly Children is seasonal tale depicting the journey of the butterfly children who dance, sing, and play all day long in the far away kingdom of beautiful gardens. They can't wait to get their wings on the first day of spring, but first they must learn about all of the colorful flowers in the kingdom.

Beautifully illustrated in the art nouveau style of Elsa Beskow and Kate Greenaway, this charming tale will be an instant classic in your home.

Hardcover, 24 pages with full color illustrations. 

About the Author:

Sibylle von Olfers is known for her unqiue blend of natural obersation coupled with simple, art nouveau design. Frequently compared to Kate Greenway and Elsa Beskow, her charming illustrations in earthy tones reflect the changing seasons.

She has delighted children for generations with such books as The Story of the Root Children and The Story Of The Snow Children.

  • SIZE : 8.5 x 11.75 inches
  • ORIGIN : Published by Floris Books, Edinburgh, Scotland; Printed in China