SQ-K Custom steel wire knots him

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Product Description

    • Body Type: Grand Auditorium

    • Size: 40”

    • Top: Spruce

    • Back & Sides: Mahogany

    • Fingerboard & Bridge: Rosewood

    • Neck: Mahogany

    • Nut & Saddle: Plastic


Model: SQ-K Custom steel wire knots him




Inch: 40 inch horn missing guitar




Panel: Ancient Chinese fir panel




Baseboard: Imported Pinus koraiensis Old Wood




Binding: Pinus koraiensis Old Wood Side Up and Down




Qinzhen: Plastic Steel




Panel Edge: Wood Five Lines




Chord Girl: Imported high-grade nickel fully enclosed




Circle Flower: SQOE Patented Carved Voice Hole




Strings: SQOE professional ballad guitar strings




The tone and hand feel are all first-class high-end handmade piano






Gift: guitar bag, PICK X2, guitar strap, small adjustable clip, hexagon spoon